Eliminating Muda with Ecoflex and IPS

by Andrew Guytingco on June 28, 2017

It is no wonder why companies committed to Lean Manufacturing have adopted the Ecoflex system.

Ecoflex provides the quickest method possible to get started and put ideas for continuous improvement into application easily and with simplicity. The versatility of the Ecoflex system can assist in introducing the Kaizen attitude through its ability to quickly configure and re-configure material handling solutions.

Worldwide, the coated pipe and joint system is recognized as the industry standard tool for successfully introducing Lean Manufacturing into production environments. Operating against the pressures of ever-faster production cycles, it is essential that companies can adjust their material handling and logistical processes at the drop of a hat.


Conventional Muda Assembly

Ecoflex Assembly by IPS

Increased productivity due to modular Ecoflex system: the use of smaller containers delivered by flow racks at the picking side helps to streamline overall operations.


Conventional Muda Storage

Ecoflex Storage by IPS

Excessive stock levels generate additional operating expenses. The modular structure of the Ecoflex system – featuring small, open containers on marketplace racks – provides the basis for lean manufacturing material supply directly at the production line.


Conventional Muda Transport

Ecoflex Transport by IPS

The Ecoflex system improves the overall structure of each workspace, as the parts to be assembled are available to operators in small open containers directly next to the production line delivered in customized carts. Therefore, staff can focus entirely on value-adding operations.


IPS Material Handling Inc was established in 2006 and specializes in custom material handling solutions for Lean Manufacturing. Our Ecoflex products, a modular pipe and joint system, are used to create custom flow racks, material handling carts, work stations and more.


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