Kaizen in Practice

by Andrew Guytingco on February 08, 2017

The Kaizen attitude requires a desire to improve and a willingness to accept changes. 

This means a continuous effort to find and eliminate Muda and a willingness to improve using a simple three stage process: Identify the Muda, isolate the problem, and eliminate it.

Continuous improvement means creating standardized work for best practice and then improving it continually. Ecoflex is therefore a tool for implementing Kaizen.

Kaizen can be seen in any production facility using the Ecoflex system. The minimum of space is being used and the transition to small containers has been made.

The lines are in U-shape configuration and forklift traffic at the line side has been eliminated. The use of customized flow racks and front picking have also been implemented.


IPS Material Handling Inc was established in 2006 and specializes in custom material handling solutions for Lean Manufacturing. Our Ecoflex products, a modular pipe and joint system, are used to create custom flow racks, material handling carts, work stations and more.


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