Product Spotlight: LT-100 Bump Cart Stop

by Andrew Guytingco on August 29, 2019

The LT-100 Bump Cart Stop is a simple solution to create bump carts to transfer totes or boxes from one structure to another. Bump carts allow your material handler to transfer multiple loaded totes from a mobile cart to a line side flow rack in one motion with no lifting. A spring-loaded stopper is activated when the cart "bumps" the stationary rack and lowers to allow material to pass from one structure to another. When the cart is backed away, the stopper raises again to prevent material from falling off. 

LT-100 Bump Cart Stop

Reduce Waste from Unnecessary Movement

LT-100 can be installed on multiple levels to also allow you to create a two-level cart with a return to automatically retrieve the empty carts back to the material handler. Reduce unnecessary movement and strenuous lifting by your operators by automating transfer from your mobile structures to line side racking. Talk to one of our Project Managers to help you get started with creating a bump cart for your facility. 


IPS Material Handling Inc was established in 2006 and specializes in custom material handling solutions for Lean Manufacturing. Our Ecoflex products, a modular pipe and joint system, are used to create custom flow racks, material handling carts, work stations and more.

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