Quickly and efficiently deliver goods to and from your production cells with lean manufacturing material handling carts by IPS.

Material handling carts are a natural application for Ecoflex and Lean Manufacturing. Utilizing Ecoflex to build and design your carts helps eliminate the hidden Muda of engineering waste. Traditional rigid structures require considerable time to design and validation. Bulky, welded structures allow for very little margin for design error, resulting in major cost increases when changes are required. Ecoflex helps reduce development and design time and costs. 

Eliminate dangerous forklift traffic in your production environment by integrating lightweight material handling carts and trolleys into your production environment. Manually pushed Ecoflex carts are the most economical and safest way to transport components from the marketplace to the line side. Where it is possible, the use of small motorized trains can further enhance kaizen to reduce distance and time traveled. 

Only a modular structure created with Ecoflex can respond to such demands without increasing design costs.

Material handling carts made from the Ecoflex coated pipe and joint system can be designed to be manually pushed, or towed by a small train. Carts can be designed to handle any sized box, container or part.

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Examples of Ecoflex Carts:

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