How does IPS Material Handling compare to other Pipe & Joint Systems and Competitors?

Best Material Handling Systems: Ecoflex vs Other Pipe & Joint Companies

If you have been looking at companies that offer modular material handling solutions, you have likely noticed that most of them offer the same services and use a lot of the same “buzz words”. But all pipe and joint systems and companies are NOT the same, and it can be hard to find the best material handling solution for your needs.

IPS Material Handling uses the Ecoflex Pipe & Joint System:

  • The highest quality components sourced from our trusted supplier network in South Korea.
  • Compatible with existing Creform systems and other pipe and joint competitors.
  • Ships from our warehouse in Mississauga, ON Canada.

See how IPS compares to the competition to help you find the best pipe and joint material handling system.

Ecoflex vs. Creform

Creform is one of the most recognizable names in modular material handling systems as they are one of the first companies to introduce pipe and joint to the automotive industry. However, being first and the largest doesn’t always mean the right fit for you.

At IPS, we put our customers first and strive to provide the same level of care to our clients of any size. Instead of pushing volume and putting emphasis on selling as many raw components as possible, we put the focus on assisting our customers to achieve their lean manufacturing and continuous improvement goals through careful design and our turn key solutions.

Shipping Concerns

Shipping pipe and joint systems and components is not easy nor is it cheap. In raw form, pipes and roller tracks are 4M (13 feet) in length which puts it out of the realm of regular small parcel courier companies (ie. Fedex, UPS, Purolator). Instead, when ordering long components, shipping must be handled with LTL freight companies. Shipping this type of freight cross border can be costly and additional expenses such as customs and duties must be accounted for when ordering from a US company like Creform who do not have a warehouse located in Canada.

At IPS, we ship directly to our customers from our warehouse in Mississauga, ON. We have partnered with local transport companies to provide the best rates to our local customers. Being local, you also have the option of arranging your own pick up from our facility.


We've had the pleasure of working with some of the world's leading manufacturers to help them achieve their lean manufacturing goals with Ecoflex and AluPro