Getting Started


Our services were designed to be flexible to cater your specific lean manufacturing needs.



Get started with Ecoflex with our 3 easy options:



Our entire product line (pipes, connectors, roller tracks, and accessories) can be purchased by the unit in bulk. Contact us to place an order or Order Online, hassle free.



We can supply pre-cut pipes and roller tracks, with the appropriate number of joints and accessories; delivered in kit form as per your specifications.



An IPS project manager will develop your custom solution from start to finish, including consultation, 3D design, assembly, delivery and installation.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a service which delivers your Ecoflex solution from start to finish.

To help visualize your finished product, we offer our 3D design service included with your turn key solution*. We use the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to plan and design your material handling solution. By choosing IPS to design your solution, we can provide assembly drawings, accurate dimensions and a bill of materials for your project. Our design service ensures the end solution keeps with your requirements.

Whether we are implementing full warehouse storage and picking systems or a small scale racking project, CAD software ensures that the project is designed with your budget, facility measurements and project requirements in mind.

*Our design service is also available for kitted solutions for a fee. Please contact us for more information.


To help you determine your needs, IPS offers an in-house assessment of your facility.

We specialize in production cell assessments, material flow analysis, flow racks, trolleys and carts design, and batch to continuous flow processes.


We can help you:

  • Assess station layout and operator movement
  • Understand sequence of operation
  • Observe operator ergonomics
  • Understand component requirements
  • Measure component packaging and pack density
  • Tabulate material consumption
  • Solicit operator suggestions
  • Understand supply of inventory to assembly lines
  • Explore benefits of smaller and frequent batches
  • Observe material handling activities
  • Evaluate material handling equipment
  • Understand space requirements and limitations
  • Introduce/Evaluate Kanban systems

By identifying problems in your work environment, we can work together towards the solution. Our experts will consult with you on the best way to implement Ecoflex into your facility and help you explore your options.

Introduce Ecoflex into your facility with a Starter Kit.

An Ecoflex Starter kit can be purchased to help introduce the pipe and joint system and lean manufactuing into your facility. Each kit is fully equipped with our most popular parts to allow you to build your first flow racks, work stations and more in-house from scratch and can be customized to suit your plant's specific needs and budget.


For more information, to request a quote or to set up an in-house assessment, please contact us.



We've had the pleasure of working with some of the world's leading manufacturers to help them achieve their lean manufacturing goals with Ecoflex and AluPro