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Marketplace racks in your warehouse are an essential element of lean manufacturing. Eliminate heavy stock and replace forklifts with trains and tuggers.

Warehouse style racks (or supermarket racks) are particularly effective at eliminating waste caused by unnecessary movement and transport. They form a single interface between storage and your production lines by applying the principle of using smaller, lighter weight containers. The muda caused by transport is reduced by moving your marketplace progressively closer to the line-side.

The use of portable containers in lean manufacturing is essential for many reasons. By packing components into smaller containers, the use of dynamic flow systems can be unlocked through the combination of marketplace racks and line side flow racks, which helps reduce a key source of muda. Secondly, transporting lighter weight containers allows for the use of small train and tugger systems which are much less costly and much safer than forklift trucks.

The flexibility of Ecoflex allows your warehouse to move closer to the line side, reducing travelling distance and time.

IPS marketplace racks can be customized to perfectly suit your material. Every dimension can be customized to maximize your floor space. Each roller track can be individually adjusted to support any sized container. Marketplace racks work great underneath existing high density racking, for the quick delivery of high or low running parts.

Using Ecoflex to build your marketplace racks allows for complete flexibility to reflect the kaizen policy of continuous improvement. Ecoflex marketplace racks can easily adapt to increased production demands and keep pace with developments and changes in packaging in a cost effective manner.

In order to enforce lean manufacturing concepts, marketplace racks can be outfitted with casters to make them mobile. This allows the structures to easily and gradually move closer to the production line and further reduce the muda caused by transport. Furthermore, the added mobility allows for more flexibility in configuration as your production needs and demands change.

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