Standard Starter Kit

IPS Material Handling Inc.

Ecoflex modular ABS plastic coated steel pipes, joints, roller tracks and accessories can be configured and re-configured into material handling solutions for continuous improvement, kaizen and lean manufacturing.

  • Ships within 48 hours (in stock items)
  • Highest quality components - Made in Korea
  • Save 5% on full box/bundle quantities
Pipe Color:

Implement Ecoflex into your facility today and save. Our standard starter kit is equipped with a wide selection of our most popular parts to allow you to build your first full flow racks, work stations and more in-house from scratch.


Each full starter kit contains:

Part No. Description Quantity
CP-2810 4M T1.0 ABS Coated Pipe 20
E-1 BK Standard 90 Degree Joint 330
E-2 BK Inside 90 Degree Corner Joint 100
E-3 BK Outside 90 Degree Corner Joint 50
E-4 BK 90 Degree Junction 50
E-6 BK 90 Degree Crossover Joint 24
E-7A BK Adjustable Angle Joint 24
E-7B BK Adjustable Angle Joint 24
E-8 BK Parallel Joint 12
E-13A BK 45 Degree Angle Joint 12
E-13B BK 45 Degree Angle Joint 12
E-14 BK Double Adjustable Angle Joint 8
RT-40B-BK Roller Track (40mm), 4M, Black 10
GP-A Standard Roller Mounting Bracket, 40mm 20
GP-B Roller Mounting Bracket with Tab Stop, 40mm 20
GP-D Roller Mounting Bracket with Pipe Stop, 40mm 6
GP-H Roller to Roller Bracket, 40mm 6
TT-75B 3" Threaded Stem Swivel Caster /w brake 4
TT-75S 3" Threaded Stem Swivel Caster 4
PT-100S 4" Top Plate Swivel Caster 4
PT-100B 4" Top Plate Swivel Caster /w brake 4
CM-100 Caster Mounting Strap 32
AD-32-WB Adjustable foot, 1/2" thread, standard 12
M0625-BK M6 Screw, 25 mm, Black 500
M840-Y M8 Bolt, 40 mm 12
TN06-BK M6 T-Nut, Black 500
NN08-Y M8 Lock Nut with Nylon Insert 30
CAP-01-BK Plastic End Cap, universal 30
BS-2810-A Bushing, M12-1/2" Thread, T1.0 20


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