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Here's what makes us the ideal partner for your company's lean manufacturing journey.


IPS Material Handling Inc. was established in 2016 as a lean manufacturing and material handling consultation firm and have grown into a leader in the distribution of modular pipe racking and shelving systems in Canada. As well as providing unit based bulk sales of Ecoflex coated pipes, rollers and components, we have separated ourselves from the competition by offering our unique design, and implementation services.



Our design service ensures your requirements are met. By choosing IPS to design your solution, we can provide assembly drawings, 3D renders, accurate dimensions and a bill of materials for your project. From there, you can choose to build it yourself, or have us assemble it for you.



Not all pipe and joint systems are created equal. Our goal isn’t to push the lowest cost, cheapest components but provide high quality materials from the finest manufacturers and vendors to provide end products that will stand the test of your rigorous production environments for years to come.



Our service is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether we are implementing full warehouse storage and picking systems or a small scale racking project, we ensure that your project is designed with budget, facility and project requirements in mind.

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The Ecoflex coated pipe and joint system is universally recognized internationally and is easy to understand and learn. With no complex mathematics or structures involved, only simple loading specifications and ideas are required. Your employees will not need any special tools or advanced training.


There is no material handling solution that is more flexible than Ecoflex. The system allows you to design, construct and adjust dimensions to your specific needs. The biggest advantage Ecoflex provides over others is that it can be quickly and easily modified or even reconfigured to suit changed in process, material or product.


The Ecoflex coated pipe and joint system was designed to be able to assemble and take apart quite easily. The pipes are light weight ABS plastic coated steel and all joints are zinc-plated steel, and do not require and dangerous tools to put together.

Reduces Waste

Ecoflex can adapt to your material handling needs and streamline your production. By creating a system of marketplace racking, with line-side flow racking, Ecoflex can work to eliminate unnecessary double handling and superfluous packaging, thereby reducing waste and promoting lean manufacturing.

Continuous Improvement

Ecoflex promotes a kaizen philosophy in your facility by allowing your personnel to get involved, be innovative and creative. Since the system is completely modifiable, it becomes the most efficient and effective way to promote continuous improvements in your facility.

JIT and Kanban

The customizability of the Ecoflex coated pipe and joint system allows for multi-purpose structures which can facilitate Just-In-Time production by implementing Kanban indicators directly into the racks.


The customizability of Ecoflex allows equipment to be made to the exact specification of your operators. Unnecessary movements are eliminated by delivering material to the operator. Furthermore, Ecoflex is created with relatively light weight components, making them easy to handle thus decreasing work-related injuries.


Since Ecoflex is completely modular, it can be re-used and recycled unlimited times to adapt to changes in your facility. The Ecoflex system also requires no welding or other environmentally adverse practices. Furthermore, since modular flow racking systems can be designed to return empty containers, it decreases the need for disposable packaging such as cardboard boxes.


Our mission is to become a leader in the lean manufacturing industry. We source the highest quality products combined with our design and expertise to help our customers implement modular, flexible and effective material handling solutions.

Andrew Guytingco - Managing Director

Our Customers

We've had the pleasure of helping some of the world's leading manufacturers reach their material handling goals. Some of customers include: