The flexibility of the Ecoflex allows for completely customized work stations and tables.

Ecoflex workstations address waste caused by unnecessary movement. By designing custom work stations to bring components and tools within immediate reach of operators, all actions and movements are streamlined; increasing efficiency and eliminating ergonomic issues.


Ecoflex makes it easy to create unique multi-faceted work stations.

By combining gravity fed conveyors to flat working areas, you can achieve a single structure that incorporates dynamic component delivery functions with those of an ergonomic workspace. To further complement kaizen principles, Ecoflex allows for the continual improvements in the production cells by easily modifying work stations as needs change by addition accessories or modifying dimensions. 

Lean manufacturing recommends that production lines are laid out in a U-configuration such that components flow from entry to exit points of each station close to each other. Doing so reduces waste from waiting, transport and overproduction. U-shaped production lines are optimized when they incorporate front picking flow racks and one piece flow. 

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Examples of Ecoflex Workstations:

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