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Flow racks by IPS are the ideal way to present material to your operators for lean manufacturing.

Flow racks (also referred to as GFR, gravity flow rack, flow through rack) are the industry standard in advanced manufacturing facilities around the globe and has become the embodiment for kaizen and waste reduction continuous improvement processes.

Each flow rack can be customized to suit your personnel. By utilizing flow racks, you can achieve material handling parts presentation and empty container return in one structure, saving you space and time and maintaining ergonomic standards.

Ecoflex allows for the complete customization of your application.

Customization is the essence of the lean manufacturing philosophy. Ecoflex flow racks are the direct response to the needs of your operators. Everything is configurable; length, width, height, function, etc. Ergonomics are especially important at the line side and the Ecoflex system allows your structures to be designed specifically for you, relying on our expertise.

Flow racks can be designed to gravity feed numerous containers for efficient line side material delivery. Flow racks can be configured to handle any sized box, container or part. Only a modular structure by IPS can respond to such demands with low cost and simple design.

Flow racks help simplify your processes and eliminate unnecessary waste at the line side.

Lean manufacturing requires the elimination of large line-side containers, such as skids, pallets and large bulk bins as an essential part of any Lean process. Supplying only small containers has many advantages including lighter weight, enabling easier handling, inventory control, continuous flow and lower transport costs.

Combined with the space gained, the implementation of small boxes at the line side opens the door for higher productivity through increased production density ie. the production volume per unit area. The traditional, bulky welded steel mass-storage structures of the past are replaced by sleek, custom, ergonimic tubular line-side flow racks. Installing simple and visually attractive Ecoflex structures throughout your production facility encourages acceptance of the process by everyone involved - from top management to assembly workers.

Ecoflex optimizes existing production lines by making it possible to use of all available square footage. Ecoflex modular flow racks transform previously unusable space into value-added zones, which are optimized for operator satisfaction. This process of optimizing the workplace for ergonomics and enabling the creativity of the workers transforms the line side into Kaizen areas.

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The ideal way to present material to your operators

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Increase efficiency and eliminate ergonomic issues

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Customization and flexibility is the essence of lean manufacturing

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